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A mum who believes her drink was spiked during a night out says she would have died if her husband had not performed CPR.

Tammie-Michelle Edwards, 25, was enjoying her first night out since having a baby boy and stopped at The Crafty Scholar in Lancaster for a drink before heading home.

After a while she called her husband to pick her up.

By the time James arrived she was so unaware of what was going he later described taking her back to the car was like “dragging a lifeless body”.

Tammie-Michelle told LancsLive : “We had few drinks at home and only three drinks and water in between our drinks.

“I briefly remember messaging my husband to come get me and Lizz also messaging him to say come get her.

“I was told I was sat outside Craftys in a chair with a bouncer until James came and got me. He said he was pretty much dragging a lifeless body up the road to the car.”

When they arrived home, they believed the new-mum ‘just needed to be sick and go to bed’ when she stopped breathing.

Tammie-Michelle continued: “I stopped breathing about 20 times with my James doing CPR to keep me alive.

“They put my head under the kitchen tap to wake me up but I wasn’t responsive.”

Lancashire Police and North West Ambulance Service were called and had to cut Tammie-Michelle’s dress off her body.

She was later taken to hospital where she says she was told there was a “100% chance” she had been spiked.

Tammie-Michelle added: “If it wasn’t for James coming to get me I would have been dead Saturday night. I’m very thankful for everyone that helped me stay alive.

“It most definitely has put me off going out for a long time. Please please be careful when going out girls.”

Lancashire Police have since confirmed that the incident had been reported and they are looking into the incident.

The Crafty Scholar is part of the Stonegate Group.

A spokesman for the Crafty Scholar said: “We take every allegation of spiking very seriously and we would like to reassure all our guests that customer safety and wellbeing is our priority.

“Our door team assisted Ms Edwards, when she became unwell, and provided a chair and water.

“They waited with her until her husband arrived and took her home.”