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A three-year-old child died after he was left in a hot car while his dad went for a drink.

Sifeddin Malahaji, 34, was devastated when he found his son unresponsive after returning from drinking tea with his brother.

He and his wife Hiba Alheraki, 28, had gone to the southern Turkish city of Adana for a family wedding when the awful incident occurred on August 15.

When visiting his brother, Sifeddin’s son Badr Alddin Malahafji reportedly wanted to go with him but was asleep by the time they arrived.

Sifeddin said he parked in the shade and left the window slightly open as he went inside to see his sibling who had business in the city centre.

He said to the police, who questioned him and his wife after the incident: “When I went to leave the house my son ran after me crying because he wanted to come with me.

“I parked in the shade and went to visit my brother at his workplace. I just didn’t want to wake him up and left the windows open a little bit.”

Thinking he had taken all the necessary precautions, he returned half an hour later to find his sun unresponsive.

Hospital medics were sadly unable to save the toddler.

The sun had moved onto the car and began baking it in the 37C Turkish heat.

A friend of the family, Saban Koseoglu, confirmed the distraught father was only inside for around half an hour.

“When I returned half an hour later, I saw that he was unconscious. We called the medics admitted into hospital, but he was already dead,” Sifeddin added.

After the couple made a statement to the police, they were released as an autopsy was performed on little Badr at the Adana Forensic Medicine Institution.

Sifeddin burst into tears and collapsed when the body was returned to the family.

Saban said: “May God not let anyone experience this pain. It is a very sad situation. The father goes to his brother. When he returns half an hour or at the latest an hour later, he sees his son lying motionless.

“Something that could happen to anyone. The windows were open, they were not closed. But it happened because the weather was hot.”

In the UK, it is not against the law to leave your child alone, but is generally advised against especially if a warm car is involved.

Parenting website What to Expect said: “If you’re tempted to leave your baby in the car while you do a fast errand, you’re not alone.

“According to one survey, 14 per cent of parents have done this exact thing.

“But the act could be deadly, as car temperatures can soar to dangerously high levels in just a few minutes.

“Leaving children in a car for any length of time is very risky and should never be attempted.”