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Examining the relationship between weight, gender and dementia

A substantial body of literature has analyzed the potential association between late-life body mass index (BMI) and dementia. Given that there are some data suggesting that estrogen has neuroprotective effects,

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China developer Shimao looks to repay $11.8 bln debt over 3-8 years

Cash-strapped Chinese developer Shimao Group has proposed a two-class restructuring plan to offshore creditors to repay $11.8 billion over a period of three to eight years, according to two sources

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Here’s what iOS 16’s new battery percent indicator should have looked like

Apple finally added the battery percent indicator back to the status bar in the latest iOS 16 beta, and as my colleague Victoria Song wrote, it’s hideous. I’m normally somebody

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These Korean acne patches sell every 25 seconds now you can get them for all spot sizes

If you suffer with skin that is prone to irritation easily, specifically problems with blemishes and/or acne, there’s plenty of solutions to try out. But which ones actually work? Like

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