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Seven Principles to Discover Innovative Opportunities

Course Description

Learn job-critical fundamentals – the seven principles of the Service Thinking Framework that has been reviewed and approved by ISSIP and IBM for Certificates of Completion. This is completed in class wjtb follow-up online exercises.

Apply the learning in preparation for the ISSIP Certification of Completion two-part test. You will be highly prepared in the second part of the Service Thinking class.

Apply the fundamentals in mentored projects addressing real world business problems with industry mentors. Earn / leverage personal contact with mentors for recommendations and credentials, and link to ISSIP community for global, mobile and social networking.

Industry leaders such as IBM, Cisco, HP, and SAP recognize Service Thinking
as valuable for career development (see the ISSIP testimonials below).

Jim Spohrer : Why Service Thinking is Important


Provider/Participant Agreement

To fulfill the agreement Provider will provide:

1 – Service Thinking Course and Certification Examination that meets ISSIP requirements for Certificate of Completion issued by ISSIP.

2 – A technology mentored individual or group project matched with an industry mentor. Either the participant (if preferred by participant) or the providers will source and define the project with a supervisor.

3 – Supervision of the mentored project with the mentor and the participant(s) assigned.

4 – A participant who fails to pass the test for the Certification Examination will qualify for a full refund of the Service Thinking course fee. The refund is conditional on the participant attending the classroom sessions, completing the interim assignments, and taking the test and a retest. There will be no refund if participant does not show up for the classroom sessions, submit the online work, or take the test and if necessary a retest.

5 – Work with the participant and industry supervisor to improve the online brand of the participant after he/she successfully completes the mentored assignment to the supervisor’s satisfaction.

To fulfill the agreement Student will provide:

1 – Payment.

2 – Attendance at the class sessions (video will be available if participant misses a session).

3 – Submit satisfactory work for online assignments.

4 – Pass the Certificate of Completion test (minimum 70% on recall and satisfactory on applied).

5 – Either provide a qualifying (as determined by the provider) group assignment that participant wishes to work on or accept the assignment provider has sourced for the participant.

6 – Work diligently with supervisor to fulfill the mentored assignment so as to obtain a recommendation.

7 – Sign a waiver that ownership of the work developed with the supervisor is to be determined with the supervisor (participant may refer to the work, but waives any compensation for working on the assignment).

The Service Thinking Framework

Please view this video of student comments on a previous Service Thinking MBA course.

Student Reviews of Hult IBS 10B (Service Thinking)
MBA students reflect on what they learned from participating in the Service Thinking course offered through Hult University.

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