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A woman who bought a new white playsuit from Boohoo has been left “disgusted” after claiming the item arrived with someone else’s “skid marks” on it. Tiegan Mayo, 18, asserted that the playsuit had brown stains on the crotch area when she took it out of the bag, but she initially thought it was just a fake tan stain and ignored it.

Just to be sure, the apprentice hairdresser showed the item to her mum, who suggested it might be something else – and the pair are now convinced the stain is “obviously poo” from someone who had worn the item before her and returned it.

Teigan, from Cambridge, said: “I think it was a skid stain and obviously poo. I was with my mum in my bedroom and started trying it on and I thought it was fake tan at first and then I showed her and she was like ‘that’s not fake tan’.

“I was like ‘that’s pretty disgusting, actually’. You couldn’t really see it [the stain] from the outside as much, it was more on the inside. I was just about to try it on and then I saw it and was like ‘I’m not trying that on’.

“I would have thought it was fake tan if it was anywhere else on the outfit, it’s just because of where it was I knew that it wasn’t fake tan. With fake tan, it’s like a greeny orangey brown colour, whereas the stain was just brown.”

The woman immediately took to Twitter to contact the online retailer about the item, and wrote: “Absolutely disgusted!!! Received my order, went to try on only to find a skid mark!!!”

She claimed she received a response from Boohoo later that day, and around a week later they told her they would “make sure it won’t happen again” and provided her with a full refund and a £10 voucher.

The fast fashion retailer also said she could keep the item, but Teigan declined as she had already sent it back.

She added: “I think someone has worn it and then sent it back. I ordered quite a few outfits. I was going to a concert so I needed a nice outfit for that.

“I was obviously disgusted by it and really liked it in the photo, so I was a bit gutted that I couldn’t see if it fitted me to wear it. And I didn’t want to order it again just in case. I doubt it would have happened again but still, you don’t know who has worn it.”

And the woman has vowed never to shop at Boohoo again, as she has realised you can never really tell who has worn the item before you receive it in the post.

“That’s the thing now, it’s made me realise – you don’t know who’s been wearing it,” she stated, “I don’t think a £10 voucher is good enough. I don’t think I’ll be ordering from them again. It’s put me, my friends and family off Boohoo.”

Boohoo has been contacted for comment.