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    • What exactly is Co-Creation of Value and how can enterprises benefit from it?
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    • Cognitive Systems Institute Group (CSIG) Grand Challenge
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    • IBM Cognitive Systems Institute Offers Opportunity For Universities
    • Businesses need to reinvent themselves using data, analytics and social
    • Get Ready For The Next Innovation Tsunami
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      • Cultricide and the Fragility of Great Ideas
      • IBM Launches End-to-End Support for Entrepreneurs through Ecosystem Development
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      • IBM SmartCamp Silicon Valley perspective from Hult Professor Jeff Saperstein: “Cloud and analytics will transform everything”
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      • New Curriculum: A Crash Course in the Digital Economy
  • Category: Multi-sided Metrics
    • The output of service is an experience. What does this mean for your business?
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    • Jay Baer’s YOUTILITY review by Jeff Saperstein
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    • T-Summit 2014 : Collaboration, Acceleration, Adaptation
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    • Video: How to Navigate Your Career
    • How to Navigate Your Career


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