About the CVC Group

The CVC Group – signifying Co-creating Value with Customers – is a consulting company that applies the Service Thinking Framework to the discovery of new service innovation opportunities for clients. Our consulting experience ranges from product-centric companies who are just beginning the journey to service-centricity, to those that have been born into the service-thinking world.  We employ our own component business model to build specialized and integrated value networks to serve our clients. We were launched in Silicon Valley, and our reach is global, mobile and social.

Our primary intellectual property assets are gathered under the umbrella of SERVICE THINKING:

  • A Service Thinking framework of 7 integrated principles
  • A newly published book outlining the seven principles
  • An MBA course piloted in 2013 at Hult International Business School, SF campus
  • Supportive content such as business cases
  • Endorsement for the book and pilot MBA course, in written and video form
  • Video presentations of the seven principles
  • Active association with ISSIP (International Society of Service Innovation Professionals), IEEE, and IBM Research Labs