T-Shaped Organizations

In order to make the best use of T-shaped professionals, organizations have to become T-shaped themselves. Applied to an enterprise, the Service Thinking framework produces T-shaped organizations in the following way. The three modules of Assessing the Provider-Customer Relationship form the bar of the “T” and the four modules of the Enterprise Response form the stem of the “T.”

The slides from our T-Summit 2014 presentation illustrate this in more detail.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Adopting the T-shape can bring about needed organizational change in three areas:

  • Collaboration – Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, declared that better and more creative design happens as a result of improved collaboration; it’s one of the foundations of design thinking. T-Shaped people do it better.
  • Acceleration – Jim Spohrer said that, “People from different disciplines must communicate with each other efficiently and pool their expertise effectively in order to solve complex challenges and speed up the rate of discoveries.”
  • Adaptation – the world is entering the age of Smart Machines, with cognitive capacity and the ability to learn, and the most productive application of this new technology will be when adaptive humans and smart machines work together.

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