Who We Serve

Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

New businesses have the advantage of fewer legacy constraints that inhibit their growth. However, many entrepreneurs may lack an effective business strategy to take advantage of the opportunities that can be gleaned through a disciplined approach to building a business based on co-creation of value with customers and the other concepts in the Service Thinking framework that could focus the business to rapidly scale and succeed. See more about programs for entrepreneurs.

Managers in Global Integrated Enterprises (GIEs)

Traditional multinational corporations are under great pressure to adapt rapidly to some of the changes we have identified. Managers across different functional areas such as marketing, sales, finance, customer support, and product/service development are seeking proven, evidence-based ways to improve their opportunities to serve their existing customer base. Learn more about corporate training programs.

Regional Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (RSMEs)

What may have worked in the past to create and sustain a viable business may no longer be adequate to survive new, disruptive entrants who can utilize newer technologies and approaches (such as specialization and integration) to undermine a whole category (systems that provide services to a customer such as in healthcare, transportation, etc.). Service Thinking can provide RSMEs with a way to grow and change without jeopardizing the customer base and product/service portfolio that has sustained the business to date. Talk to us about consulting.

Business Schools and Universities

Group CVC partnered with Hult International Business School and IBM to create a first-of-its-kind curriculum that is focused on the emergence of the digital service economy, dedicated to preparing today’s graduate student with the critical skills they’ll need to be competitive and successful in today’s increasingly social and digital business landscape. Talk to us about how we can bring the Service Thinking course to your MBA program.