University MBA Programs

CVC Group integrates its executive training workshops on Service Thinking into executive education programs at Universities.

Who can benefit from Service Thinking MBA programs?

Universities who want to add cutting edge service thinking to their EE curriculum.

Why does your university need a Service Thinking MBA course?

According to a recent Gallup Poll, 96% of chief academic officers think they are preparing their students for workforce success–but only 11% of business leaders agree that today’s graduates have the skills and competencies their businesses need.

88% of business leaders would like to have more collaboration with the schools, to help improve the mismatch between knowledge learned and skills needed.

That’s exactly what you can get with Group CVC’s Service Thinking elective for MBA programs. We integrate Service Thinking classroom learning of principles and a competency exam, with the introduction of specially designed service technology projects, with collaborative industry experience provided by the role of industry mentors.

Co-creation occurs when students learn the Service Thinking principles, pass a competency test approved by ISSIP, and then demonstrate their skills in applying principles in collaboration with mentors, aided by a mentoring platform to standardize the experience.

Hult MBA Students Discuss Service Thinking & Social Business
In this video, Hult MBA students Anna Dimerin, Karthik Ramu, and Mohamed Temraz provide the key takeaways from having completed the Service Training course development in partnership with IBM, and explain how Social Business, one of the key tenets, is redefining the global business landscape.