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Group CVC and Service Thinking in the News

Introduction to Service Thinking

Jeff Saperstein and Hunter Hastings explain the basic principles of Service Thinking–the framework and the book–in these two videos.

Service Thinking Context
Jeff Saperstein introduces the framework of Service Thinking in this 10-minute video, with examples from IBM.
The Service Thinking Framework in Action
Hunter Hastings introduces the seven principles in the Service Thinking framework in this 14-minute video. The principles, displayed in the service innovation model, are divided into assessment tools (blue) and opportunity tools (green).

Official Photos

Feel free to use these photos when mentioning Jeff Saperstein and Hunter Hastings in your blog posts and news articles. Let us know if you need higher-resolution images for print publications. Please link the photos to Photo credit: “Photos by Keith Cockerham.”

Hunter Hastings

Jeff Saperstein