Video: How to Navigate Your Career

How to Navigate Your Career

An informative presentation of how to think about and plan your professional career in the workplace reality of online, artificial intelligence, cloud, analytics and social networking. Links to a series of free videos that provide more insight and information:

IBM Cognitive Systems Institute Offers Opportunity For Universities

Cognitive Systems will change how we approach understanding and decision-making. Will universities be agile enough to take advantage?   The Cognitive Systems Institute gives Universities the opportunity today to use innovative cognitive computing methods and resources to prepare students for the transformation economy of tomorrow.   Can universities take advantage by restructuring their curriculum to […]

Cognitive Systems Institute Group (CSIG) Grand Challenge

Our contribution to the Cognitive Systems Institute invitation to suggest grand challenges is this: To raise the financial health of a population by enabling smarter financial decisions with financial planner cognitive assistants. As ways of working change with the advent of artificial intelligence and smart machines, more and more individuals will participate in the value […]

Businesses need to reinvent themselves using data, analytics and social

Here in Tampa at At IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit, themed Moments Matter. The conference is targeted to CMO’s, Digital Media Agencies, CIO’s, and enterprises wanting to augment their marketing with IBM software tools and packages that enable the right data to be instantly used to create relevant offers to each customer. Data, analytics, and social […]

What exactly is Co-Creation of Value and how can enterprises benefit from it?

Service Thinking is anchored in the design and delivery of customer experiences. Since experience is the output of a service, and since customers evaluate experiences subjectively and idiosyncratically, every service should be empathetically designed— individualized and personalized— to capture customer loyalty. On its face, this appears to be a daunting, expensive, hard-to-manage task. Co-creation of […]

Get Ready For The Next Innovation Tsunami

Check out my review of The Age of Context by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel on the Social Business Symposium blog:

The output of service is an experience. What does this mean for your business?

Business analytics are heavily skewed towards measuring results. Most notably, this results-focus can select financial outcomes. It fails to deliver useful knowledge for the experience economy. It is all ultimately traceable to transactions – money changes hands for goods or services and the revenues and behaviors can be measured. What if that is not the relevant lens through which to view your business?

T-Summit 2014 : Collaboration, Acceleration, Adaptation

Jointly hosted by Michigan State University and IBM, at the IBM Research Lab in Almaden, CA, T-Summit 2014 brought together luminaries and experts from academia and business to present a call to action in education and business organization: to pursue and perfect the T-shape.

Jay Baer’s YOUTILITY review by Jeff Saperstein

Taken in a larger context, the strength of Youtility is not in rewriting the rules of the road for marketing communications. Rather it is to rethink Marketing in the era of Cloud, Analytics, and Engagement, and to become useful rather than interruptive.