Service Thinking for Entrepreneurs

IBM introduced their Ecosystem Development Division during their Global Entrepreneur SmartCamp final presentations on February 6 in San Francisco. This newly formed Division is charged with providing considerable increased support for entrepreneurs. Here is the model for IBM Ecosystem Development.

IBM Ecosystem Model

IBM’s Global Entrepreneur program for early-stage startups is the kind of network of entrepreneurs that could benefit from going deeper into Service Thinking for accelerating their businesses with online interaction with Group CVC and their peers. The founders of Mo De, Fluid, and Aspera, who spoke on different stages of business development at SmartCamp on February 6th, all leveraged platforms based on Cloud business engineering that did not exist even five years ago. They could not have had the opportunities that they richly earned using the legacy models of business enterprise from previous generations.

Whether you manage a network of entrepreneurs or a single start-up, CVC can deliver design thinking that better aligns your operational and strategic framework to the subjective experience of customers. By applying the principles of Service Thinking for Entrepreneurs, you can

  • Understand how to better fit and add value in the current and potential system domain (banking, transportation, healthcare, etc)
  • Uncover gaps in service system that can be new opportunities
  • Improve insights into how to co-create value with customers using IBM systems and tools as well as other platforms (Google, Amazon, etc.)
  • Design a culture of Run-Transform-Innovate to build continuous improvement into the enterprise (emulating how IBM has designed their business culture)
  • Sharpen the design of their value proposition for the digital services economy (applications platform integration)
  • Align value proposition design and service delivery on their mobile-social platform
  • Provide better metrics for understanding customer motivation and satisfaction
The Service Thinking Framework in Action
Hunter Hastings introduces the seven principles in the Service Thinking framework in this 14-minute video. The principles, displayed in the service innovation model, are divided into assessment tools (blue) and opportunity tools (green).