How Service Thinking is Transforming Business

The paradigm most of us accept about creating product or service value is being radically shifted before our eyes. The trouble is, we’re so close to this transformation and experience it such tiny, daily increments that we don’t pick up on the fundamental nature of the change.

A Must for Anyone Trained in Traditional Process Improvement

Service Thinking is a must for anyone trained in traditional process improvement or business architecture. In surprisingly clear language this book lays out the essentials of service thinking, and how the service paradigm transforms the way in which organizations innovate on behalf of their customers. It shifts the focus from product to experience, from one-sided production to co-creation of value, from the simply measurable to the emotional. I intend to buy a copy for every member of my team.

— Dart Lindsley, Sr. Director, Transformation Planning and Analysis, Cisco

IBM Innovation Center Success

Jeff Saperstein and Hunter Hastings have been incredibly thoughtful and productive collaborators. In under a year, a new book, course, certificates of completion, mentorships, special innovation center events, planning and strategy meetings, signed agreements, and more have unfolded from this energetic and enthusiastic collaboration. At the outset my measure of success was that more and more IBMers would be engaged and working with Jeff, Hunter, and Hult global MBA students. In just the one event at the IBM Innovation Center in Foster City, over a dozen IBMers contributed to that collaboration being successful. As we do more mentorships, reviews, etc., the number keeps growing. Jeff and Hunter are experts at applying "service thinking" to create new win-win value propositions and to design new service systems. It really is a pleasure to work with them both on a regular basis.

— Dr. James C. Spohrer, Director, IBM University Programs World-Wide (IBM UP)

A Wealth of Practical Ideas

Service Thinking offers a wealth of practical ideas for both organizations and individuals seeking to pursue the path of innovation and perpetual reinvention – the only strategy for success in the 21st Century knowledge economy.

— Linda S. Sanford, IBM Senior Vice President, Enterprise Transformation

Review of Service Thinking: Highly Recommended

Two years ago I was invited to give a keynote presentation at the Annual Conference of the Institute for Customer Service in London. Although at that time I was convinced I understood the meaning of the word “service” and how important it was to satisfy customers to stay in business, my understanding and perception of what service has really come to mean was transformed by the experience of doing some deep thinking and having exposure to new thinking about a world in which so much has been transformed by the development of the worldwide web and social media. I had believed before that mind changing experience that probably the two greatest inventions in history in terms of aiding human progress were indeed Gutenberg’s moving type press and the worldwide web given to us by Tim Berners Lee (great inventions separated by almost five hundred years), I had not travelled as far in my thinking as Douglass Engelbart – in whose memory the authors dedicate this book, and who they quote in chapter one as included here - “The digital revolution is far more significant than the inventing of writing or even the printing press.” (more…)

— Professor Alan Barrell , DBA., FRSA – Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning, Judge Business School, Cambridge, England

Service Thinking: a Compelling Paradigm to Help Organizations Evolve

We all know the world is changing. The challenge is finding a coherent paradigm to make sense of the change and bring clarity to what to do. Service Thinking is a compelling paradigm to help organizations evolve their thinking, processes and structures to meet today’s challenges. It’s profound yet obvious at the same time. Every business today is a service; Service Thinking provides the framework to adapt to this reality and win.

— Doug Milliken, VP, Brand Development, The Clorox Company

Service Thinking Is an Extraordinary Gift to Business Leaders

Service Thinking is an extraordinary gift to those business leaders committed to taking their organizational game to the next level. Their lenses and language make the Service Thinking paradigm highly accessible. Their prescription of continuous design and redesign of complex business systems is spot on.

— Bill Veltrop, Co-Founder, Monterey Institute for Social Architecture

Service Thinking: Leading the Way to Change

What makes it a better company than your average taxi or limo company? It provides better service, mostly through much better data (you can see where your ride actually is, for instance). How can your company do the same? Hastings and Saperstein's Service Thinking book leads the way in how you can change your organization to provide the innovation that leads to breakthroughs like what Uber is delivering.

— Robert Scoble, Startup Liaison Officer, Rackspace -- the Open Cloud Company

Service Thinking: Ahead of the Curve

This is a must read for anyone who hopes to stay ahead of the curve in the business transformation that is underway. Service Thinking not only reveals why the old business centric models no longer work, but suggests compelling ways that technology, innovation and service can be combined to create value in this new world.

— Jonathan Levy, Director of Employee Training, Autodesk, Inc.

A comprehensive roadmap for electrifying customers

Finally, a book that illuminates the massively important service innovation within a total brand experience.  This book provides a comprehensive roadmap for electrifying customers. Service is the new "bright shiny object".

— Michael Perman, Dean of Global Innovation, Gap, Inc