The Service Thinking Framework: Slides for T-Summit 2014

Originally presented at T-Summit 2014: Cultivating Tomorrow's Talent Today at BM Research-Almaden in San Jose, CA on March 27, 2014

Presenter : Jeff Saperstein
Presenter : Hunter Hastings

These are the slides that accompany the videos of Jeff’s and Hunter’s presentations from T-Summit 2014, illustrating the gap between industry and higher education, the way the Service Thinking framework fits into the “T” of combined breadth and depth, and the role of educators in enabling others to discover innovative opportunities.

A Practice-Driven Service Framework for Value Creation

Originally presented at 15th IEEE Conference on Business Informatics, Vienna, Austria on July 17, 2013

Author : Hunter Hastings
Author : Jeff Saperstein

This paper presents a new practice-based design framework to apply in the design of service innovations. New concepts in business architecture and business modeling, resulting from technological, social and economic change, are integrated with Service Science concepts, tools, and methods, enabling the creation of breakthrough advantages for the enterprise.

How Cisco creates new value via global customer service

Originally published in Thunderbird International Business Review, Volume 52, Issue 5, pages 419–430, September/October 2010 on August 18, 2010

Author : Jeff Saperstein
Author : Hunter Hastings
Author : Michael R. Perman

This article profiles the Cisco Customer Interaction Network and the transformation of its global operations from call centers to customer-relationship builders. PDF available by subscription from Wiley.